January 2015

Woohooooo!!! Finally, website up and running, pricing structure organized, gallery set and here we go - determined to make a bang in 2015!


I can do this.....   I can do this.....   I can do this.....   I can do this.....


I have been chanting this over and over for months! I have to.  Starting a business is overwhelming and this is my way of calming the tsunami that floods my thoughts.  Questioning my choices, contesting my abilities, doubting success, fearing rejection, and comparing myself to every other photographer within a 200 mile radius! My brain was in constant overdrive.  Can I really do this???

And then one day it happened.  The stars aligned in my favor - THE day, when my extremely over opinionated son was not only completely blown away by one of my images, but even more blown away when he realized that his mother was the one who clicked the shutter and captured the moment! Considering his exposure to my camera throughout his 11 years of life, his level of 'wow factor' had some serious effect on my level of confidence. And the realization kicked in: 


I CAN do this.


Now don't get me wrong, family and friends have always supported my camera craziness. Showering me with compliments and encouragement. Revealing the ocassional critique and sharing their ideas, knowledge and advice.  All of which I greatly appreciate.

BUT, receiving a sincere 'high five' from my brutally honest kid, (the world's biggest critic), swung my confidence door wide open and gave me a huge shove to walk through it!


This is my journey.  


And regardless of the final destination, I'm certain the trip will be amazing.........